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London Borough of Lambeth Council

Town Hall, Brixton Hill London SW2 1RW
Phone: 0207 9261000
Web Site: www.lambeth.gov.uk

The London Borough of Lambeth stretches in a long thin line from the Thames to the Surrey hills. From 1190 the manor of Lambeth belonged to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Lambeth Palace sat opposite the Palace of Westminster and the two were linked by a horse ferry across the Thames.  Westminster Bridge was opened in 1750 and marked the beginning of any major development in Lambeth. The new bridges (Blackfriars and Vauxhall followed) gave people a chance to escape the noises and smells of the city. The laying out of major thoroughfares such as Westminster Bridge Road, Kennington Road and Camberwell New Road generated ribbon development of houses and shops. Many of these imposing terraces can still be seen.

Many famous people have lived in Lambeth including William Blake, artist and visionary, lived in Hercules Road. Charlie Chaplin, world famous comedy actor lived at various addresses including Kennington Road and the poor house at Renfrew Road, now home to the Cinema Museum. Vincent Van Gogh lived in Hackford Road for a time. Captain Bligh survived a 5,800 km voyage in an open boat following the mutiny on the bounty and came to live at 100 Lambeth Road in 1794. His grave is in St Mary’s Churchyard. The Tradescants, collectors of plants, lived near south Lambeth Road as did Elias Ashmole, founder of Oxford’s Ashmolean museum. Another prominent local family was the Dollands, originally microscope and telescope manufacturers who then became opticians, a name we still see on many high streets today.

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