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Milton Keynes Council

Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East Milton Keynes MK9 3HQ
Phone: 0190 8691691

Founded in 1967, Milton Keynes is a large town in Buckinghamshire, about 45 miles North West of London. Before the town was built the area encompassed a landscape that has a rich historic legacy being mainly farmland and undeveloped villages but with evidence of permanent settlement dating back to the Bronze Age.

The site was deliberately located equidistant from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge with the intention that it would be self-sustaining and eventually become a major regional centre in its own right. Planning control was taken from elected local authorities and delegated to the Milton Keynes Development Corporation (MKDC)

The Corporation’s strongly modernist designs featured regularly in the magazines Architectural Design and the Architects’ Journal. MKDC was determined to learn from the mistakes made in the earlier New Towns and revisit the Garden City ideals. They set in place the characteristic grid roads that run between districts, as well as the intensive planting, lakes and parkland that are so evident today. Central Milton Keynes was not intended to be a traditional town centre but a business and shopping district that supplemented the local centres in most of the Grid Squares. This non-hierarchical devolved city plan was a departure from the English New Towns tradition and envisaged a wide range of industry and diversity of housing styles and tenures across the city. The largest and almost the last of the British New Towns, Milton Keynes has stood the test of time far better than most, and has proved flexible and adaptable.

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