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Norfolk County Council

County Hall, Marineau Lane, Norwich Norfolk NR1 2DH
Phone: 0344 8008014
Web Site: www.norfolk.gov.uk

Whether it is the waters of the Broads, the cliffs of the North Norfolk coast, the ancient landscapes of the Brecklands, the uninterrupted views of the Fens or the ancient cities and market towns, the landscape of Norfolk is a living testament to the combined forces of nature and humanity. With a rich history, invaded by both the Romans and Anglo Saxons, Norfolk is also one of the first places where the remains of both Neanderthal and European man were found. A fascinating place to visit with something for everyone.

Managing your own funding for care at home whether it’s a personal budget or direct payment can sound wonderful but for some people it can also be very challenging.  HomeCareDirect are a national provider of care at home services with over 10 years of experience working in personalisation enabling clients to choose their own carers and employing them on their behalf. We work nationally and develop effective partnerships with councils throughout the country; Norfolk County council is one of the many areas nationwide where we have had great success in providing personalised care at home services.