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Torbay Council

Town Hall, Castle Circus Torquay TQ1 3DR
Phone: 0180 3201201
Web Site: www.torbay.gov.uk

There are three main towns around the bay :Torquay in the north, Paighton in the centre, and Brixham in the south, which have become connected over the years, swallowing up villages and towns such as St Marychurch, Cockington, Marldon, Churston Ferrers and Galmpton. Torbay’s many geological features have led to the establishment of the English Rivera geopark, as of July 2008, this is the sole urban geopark of the 53 geoparks worldwide.

Because of the mild climate, Torbay palm trees are a common sight along the coast. However, this ‘palm’ is in fact a lily originating from New Zealand where it is known as cabbage tree due to its edible young shoots.  Of course many of us remember Torbay being home to the fictional hotel where Fawlty Towers and the famous Basil Fawlty was based.

HomeCareDirect have been working in and around Torbay for many years and work closely with the council to help many people take control over their care at home – without the hassle of being the employer – give us a ring to find out more.