HomeCareDirect would like to let you know about a great development in person centred planning – Multi Me.

This is a new networking tool that can help anyone to communicate and plan their lives.  It is based on the idea of people telling their story through the use of multimedia and getting involved in each others’ project planning, in a safe and supportive online environment.  It provides a range of accessible online tools designed to empower people and build communities of co-operation, listening and support.

Multi Me fully embraces the concept of person centred thinking and is a great example of how someone truly being at the centre of their support and the plans that surround their lives and the positive outcomes this can have for everyone.  Multi Me brings together the latest technology and social media approaches to create a unique and powerful solution to person centred working for use in education, home, work and leisure settings.

For more information see the Multi Me website www.multime.com and also some great videos on people using Multi Me here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AssR8YuaFWA.  These show stories from adult learners with learning disabilities and student SEN teachers from the University of East London and their experiences of using Multi Me.

HomeCareDirect has been working in a person centred way for 10 years and will continue to do so but it great to see technology enabling people to be involved in planning their lives and making personal centred thinking accessible for all.

To hear how HomeCareDirect encourages personal centred planning here.