John Pickin, Director of Neighbours Can Help would like to let you know about their great new project. They’ve developed a social networking website to connect neighbours together and to encourage them to help one another – a place where people can post both requests and offers of help but without the worry of having to ask a stranger face to face.

They are looking to work in partnership with a range of organisations who would like to embed the facility in their local communities. They are working with Housing Associations, Local Councils, Community, Faith and Voluntary groups. They hope that encouraging a sense of community spirit and self help will lead to improvements both in community resilience and in people’s overall health and well-being.

How it works – If you decide you want to be part of a movement to help people in your neighbourhood get to know each other better, get to help each other more and get to strengthen your street’s sense of community. You sign up to Neighbours Can Help (use the Register or Get involved button) and tell all your neighbours, friends and family about it.

They then monitor every postcode, and when they’ve got enough people signed up in your street to make it work, they’ll make the site fully live in your area and let everyone in your postcode know about it.  Then because there will be enough neighbours in a given area to make it work, you’ll be at the forefront of a new wave of community involvement, where you and your neighbours can genuinely help each other more than before… But only if you want to !!  It’s quick, easy and under your own control. You can start and stop whenever you want… and you can ask for, and also give, as much or as little help as you like…

Neighbours Can help is a Sheffield based organisation and they’d love to get it working properly in all areas of the city. They will be making areas of Sheffield live next – all depending upon where and how much support they get… even if they get enough people in just one street, the clever computer system will allow them to launch in that street.

Home Care Direct thinks that local people and communities supporting each other helps everyone involved and we highly value local people supporting each other.  Many of our personal assistants are local people known to our clients who wouldn’t normally work as a carer but as it is for someone they know and who is local to them they are happy to help them.  Home Care Direct thinks this kind of project is great for local communities and people and hopes it is successful.  If you know someone in your area who needs care and support at home who you’d like to help please get in touch with us here.