The Social Care Commitment has launched their new and improved website. The Social Care Commitment is the Department of Health’s promise to help provide high quality services to those people who need care and support.

Social Care Commitment

The new site will make it even easier for people to embed the commitment as it comes with new guidance and case studies which show how different organisations have embraced the commitment. There is also a new and improved process that allows users to register and sign up at the same time, meaning the process is simplified and will take less time. The Social Care Commitment team would love to know what you think, so take a look and share your thoughts.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter the Social Care Commitment website features a case study video that we here at HomeCareDirect took place in at the end of last year. This was a great opportunity to talk about how we have used the Social Care Commitment in our work and being a person centred organisation we already use many of the commitments codes on a daily basis – so it’s important to share our way of working to encourage a more personalised approach for both individuals and their personal assistants.

We have had lots of fun taking part in the case study and filming sessions and it has been a privilege to work with an industry leader in a national commitment that is widely recognised as having such a positive impact on the work that organisations in the care sector do.

If your organisation hasn’t done so already we recommend you sign up today. See the Social Care Commitment website for more details.