Many people want personalised community-based care and support. That’s what they’ve been telling the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) consortium.

The TLAP consortium who have published a new partnership agreement, setting out a new vision for personalisation, based on what people have said is a priority, following the enormous changes to the care and health sector since 2011.

TLAP Working Together for Personalised Community-Based Care and Support

TLAP have expanded and secured further commitments from new organisations that cover the health, housing and children’s sectors. Each partner shares their commitment on how they will help deliver the new vision for personalisation.

TLAP’s new partnership agreement – Working together for personalised, community-based care and support 2014-17 – can be viewed on their website here and you can view the partner commitments document in full here. The partnership agreement draws upon learning from more than six years of implementing personalisation and sets a framework for how a national partnership of people and organisations will go forward from 2014-17 an EasyRead version is also available.

On their website there is also details of the TLAP Progress report: Working together for personalised, community-based support

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) continues to support TLAP by coordinating their work programmes and hosting the partnership.

At HomeCareDirect we’re proud to work closely with a number of organisations who we feel share the same philosophy as us and are dedicated to improving the standard of care in the UK and promoting choice and control for people over the services they receive and are pleased to see projects and commitments such as this.