Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) have launched a new on-line tool designed to inform and guide leaders, commissioners, planners, clinicians and practitioners through designing and delivering personalised care and support planning for people with a variety of health and social care needs.

This is done through a series of case study scenarios, developed with people in the field, clinicians, social care managers, voluntary sector partners and people with lived experience of care.

The tool was commissioned by the Department of Health, the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and in association with Coalition for Collaborative Care, in support of Care Act 2014.

Personalised care and support planning is at the heart of the vision for a sustainable health and care system, where the renewable energy of people and communities is harnessed to deliver improvements in health and well-being. It is mandated in the Care Act 2014, is part of the reforms under way through the NHS Five Year Forward View and is central to the national and local programmes that are shaping the future through new models of integrated care.

You can find the personalised care and support planning tool here