The NHS and Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) encourages everyone working in care to make a pledge for NHS Change Day 2014 which is 03/03/2014. It’s a great opportunity to show how the sector can support the delivery of more integrated care something that would benefit us all and especially the people we care for.

NHS Change Day Pledge

All you need is an idea of what you could do to make a positive difference. Then you make a pledge – a simple promise to yourself and others that you will act on that idea.

SCIE’s Executive Chair, Michael Bichard has already made his pledge: “I pledge that SCIE will make supporting integrated care and health a priority. We will provide practical support and resources to tackle the barriers to effective integration, ensure our work focuses on the outcomes that individuals want, and work in partnership with our NHS colleagues.”

Make your pledge at the NHS Change Day site here or Twitter hashtag is #nhschangeday

Here at HomeCareDirect we have made our pledge which is:

Personal Health Budgets – The Middle Way Approach

“We pledge to continue to educate people and professionals on the power and great opportunities that Personalisation and Personal Health Budgets bring to people. We are trying hard to let people know about The Middle Way for delivering truly personalised continuing health care at home. We believe that The Middle Way approach, which allows people all the choice and control over their personal assistants, yet without the employer/insurance/money management worries, is key to rolling out self-directed support to all who want it! We pledge to shout loud about this on NHS Change Day 03/03/14 and help with the roll out of Personal Health Budgets and self-directed support on a wider scale.”

You can see the pledge and join us or like our campaign here and we’d love to hear your thoughts and what pledges you have made or would like to see made so please get in touch with us here.