The NHS Confederation has produced a briefing on personal health budgets aimed at commissioners and providers of NHS-funded care.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) has developed this in partnership with the NHS Confederation as part of the coordinated care work stream.

The ‘Wealth of information – your questions answered on personal health budgets’ document is a briefing developed in partnership with the NHS Confederation as part of the coordinated care work stream. It follows research undertaken last year that showed that those working in leadership positions across health weren’t aware of the practical information and guidance that already exists to answer their questions on personal health budgets. The aim of this briefing is to provide a short overview for NHS professionals that addresses their most frequently asked questions, and points to the existing resources that will help answer them.

It covers the background, FAQs and includes a range of links concerning where to find further information. This is a great resource tool for all of us working in Personal Health Budgets so please take the time to have a look at it.

You can see the full document here Personal Health Budgets – a wealth of information

If you have any questions about Personal Health Budgets or HomeCareDirect services please get in touch with us here, we’re always happy to help.