We have news of a great opportunity to apply for an award and get support and recognition for helping to develop a truly joined up dementia service in England.

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia has been launched, in collaboration with Janssen Healthcare Innovation.

The challenge is to demonstrate the delivery of a comprehensive integrated service across health, care and support for people with dementia and to deliver better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers through services that are integrated and designed around the person with dementia and not the system.

It requires health, care and support sectors working together to provide exceptional and innovative services.

A prize of up to £150K is available and the closing date for entries is 4 September 2013.

Further information is available on the website www.nhschallengeprizes.org

Let’s hope home care services can feature amongst the winners.  Home Care Direct truly believe the integration of services can significantly improve people’s health and well-being.  By using Home Care Direct services people in receipt of a direct payment or personal budget can choose and organise their own personal assistants to fit around their life and support needs. We will then employ and train their chosen personal assistants on their behalf. Training is specific to the individual and carried out in their home (wherever possible).  This approach to care at home has been hugely successful and empowering for hundreds of people nationwide, including those suffering from dementia.  Please get in touch with us here if you’ve got a story to share about the integration of services and good dementia care.