Our Policies

A full list of our policies can be found on the QCS system (app.qcs.co.uk/account/login). All HomeCareDirect PAs will receive an email with their log in details for the system. If you have not received this please get in touch with your care facilitator so that we can look into that.

PAs will have a “reading list” which will list the policies and procedures that have been assigned for them to read. The QCS system will notify PAs by email when new policies are added to their reading list. After reading a policy, when you navigate away from that page you will be asked if you have read and understood the document. The system will then be able to monitor which policies have been read and marked as understood.

A brief guide to accessing policies on QCS

  1. Go to app.qcs.co.uk/account/login and log in with your details
  2. Press my reading list
  3. Click all
  4. Click a policy group (e.g. HCD Approved Policies)
  5. Click and read a policy
  6. Once read click the arrow back and a pop up box will appear
  7. Click yes and it will take you back to the policy home page

If you have any questions about the QCS system or have any issues whilst using it please get in touch with your Care Facilitator so that they can assist.