HomeCareDirect Personal Assistant Database



To help people find their perfect personal assistants and to help personal assistants find their perfect job, HomeCareDirect have a national, free to register, PA database. The use of this database all comes as part of the service.

We believe it’s important that a personal assistant is not only someone with the right skills but also someone with the right personality and outlook.

In our experience finding and matching the right personal assistants builds a strong and long lasting team.

Therefore, the PA database not only captures a personal assistant experience but also information about them as a person so you can find a good match.

It’s proven such a success that the database currently holds details of over 400 personal assistants!

If you’re looking for a personal assistant, we’ll use our database to find someone in your local area who is interested. We’ll then forward over these personal assistants details so you can decide if you’d like to invite them to an interview.

Once you’ve decided on your personal assistants – we’ll do the rest!

If you’re interested in working as a personal assistant you can register below. Remember, you don’t need previous experience, since training will be provided should someone choose you.

Another useful tool to help you direct your own support!