Increasing numbers of people are now being offered a personal health budget or integrated personal budget in England. As a result, it is more and more important for people to be able to openly share their experiences of having a personal health budget/integrated personal budget, from their first conversation, to the ongoing care and support being provided.

If you receive a personal health budget or integrated personal budget (combining health and social care funding) you are invited to share your experience of the care and support you receive in a new survey being run by NHS England.

The survey will be open from Thursday 1 March to Monday 30 April, and you can access it by clicking here. All survey responses will be anonymised and used to help improve how personal health budgets are offered in England.

The survey is being run on behalf of NHS England by an organisation called Quality Health. They have over 30 years’ experience of running NHS surveys and guarantee the necessary data protection and data security accreditation.