Following the announcement that Personal Health Budgets are going to be rolled out further (which HomeCareDirect fully support!), further details of the move to Clinical Commissioning Groups have been released.

The Department of Health has confirmed that there will be 9 sites across England who will be Going Further Faster Sites who will promote and implement personal health budgets at on a large scale, including for individuals with long term conditions.

The 9 sites are:

  • NHS Tees
  • NHS Manchester
  • NHS Hull
  • NHS Nottingham City
  • NHS Oxfordshire
  • NHS NENE and NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group in Northants
  • NHS Lambeth
  • NHS Dorset
  • NHS Kent and Medway

If you’d like to know more about personal health budgets, or would like to talk to HomeCareDirect about how we can help you manage your personal health budget please give us a call!