HomeCareDirect had a great day at the Westminster Health Forum – Integrating Health & Social Care in London yesterday.

Westminster Health ForumWith a great line of speakers, including Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care and Support, Department of Health and the Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health there were some interesting debates on the future of integrating health and social care.

Norman Lamb stated that there needed to be 4 big shifts in focus to improve the integration of health and social care.  These are:

  1. Shift of focus and investment towards prevention
  2. Shift from fragmented care to integrated care
  3. Shift from a paternalistic system to a personal approach focusing on the needs of the individual
  4. Shift from an exclusive system to a collaborative system

However he did acknowledge that none of these shifts in focus would make sense from a patient perspective and that this was more from a professional point of view and stressed that we need to keep a focus on peoples needs at all times.

It made our day to hear the great announcement by Norman Lamb on Personal Health Budgets that by October 2014 all people on Continuing Health Care funding will have ‘RIGHT’ to a Personal Health Budget!  He also said “I’m a great fan of personal budgets and direct payments and individuals are often the best integrators of services”

Hear, Hear Norman – at HomeCareDirect we have been working hard for the last decade to educate people and professionals on the power and great opportunities that Personalisation bring to people, we have been trying hard to let people know about what we see as The Middle Way for care at home. We believe that The Middle Way approach, which allows people all the choice and control over who their personal assistants are yet without the employer/insurance/money management worries is key to rolling out self directed support to all who want it!

There are details of the event available on the Westminster Forum Projects site here.

We’re trying to spread the word about The Middle Way to as many people as possible and would love your help so please get in touch with us here.