Recently personal health budgets were widely debated in the national media following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Pulse, a trade magazine used by GPs, who wanted to find out how personal health budgets were spent in England in 2014/2015.

The subject was debated by most major news providers, notably The Times produced a balanced piece on the debate and Simon Duffy Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform also discussed it in detail on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme and BBC 5 Live.

Disability Rights UK issued a statement, part of which stated:

“Personal health budgets do something critically important. They offer a way forward for people with long-term conditions: a personal plan to enable them to manage their own condition and their life. People need different things to live with their condition: for instance, for someone with severe depression, a break can stop them from needing to go into hospital, providing an ongoing viable plan that they have chosen and can manage. The state invests some money – and the individual is better able to manage their condition and their life, with all sorts of social and economic benefits: they may be better able to raise their children, less likely to go into hospital. Overall – for just such reasons – evaluation of personal health budgets has shown that this imaginative approach is cost effective (Dept. of Health 2012a). This is a good use of public money”

The full statement can be found on their website here.

You can also find more on this story from the BBC here, and the Guardian here.

At HomeCareDirect we’re passionate about the personalisation of care, and for over 12 years we’ve been supporting the rights of people to take control over their support at home. We offer an innovative third party support service to help people direct their own support via a personal health budget. We will employ the chosen personal assistants on an individual’s behalf, giving the same choice and control to individuals without the responsibility (and sometimes the hassles!) of being an employer.

We have worked with many people who have had great success through using personal health budget funding in innovative and creative ways. Good, person-centred care and support planning is at the very heart of making personal health budgets work well. The plan sets out how a person’s budget will be spent to enable them to reach their health and wellbeing goals about how to meet their identified outcomes. We feel that not only do personal health budgets give someone the ability to choose care and long term treatments to suit them so they can live more independently, they generally save money in the long term because people are less dependent on NHS services.

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