October was an important date in the Personal Health Budgets calendar and it has finally arrived.

From the 1st October 2014 patients in receipt of Continuing Healthcare funding now have the ‘right to have’ a Personal Health Budget.

A Personal Health Budget is an amount of money to support a person’s health and well-being needs. A Personal Health Budget can be spent on anything to meet your needs that is set out in a support plan and agreed with the local NHS team. It can be held by the individual (as a direct payment), a third party (such as HomeCareDirect) or a statutory body (such as the NHS).

Personal Health Budgets allow for flexibility and are adaptable to changing situations, therefore allowing people to actively shape their future. Personal Health Budgets can be empowering and allowing people to be fully part of their healthcare can bring its own rewards.

For example people with a Personal Health Budget can employ personal assistants to help them take part in activities they are unable to perform independently because of their condition.

Here at HomeCareDirect we have been working in the arena of personalised self-direct support for over 10 years and have been actively working with Personal Health Budgets from over 2 years, employing the personal assistants chosen by the individual to work with them. All the choice and control but with the hassle and responsibility.

We’re here to provide information, advice, support and third party services for those who are eligible for Personal Health Budgets and to help them understand what is involved so they can then decide if it is right for them so please get in touch with us here.