Notice to All Callers


During this uncertain time we are experiencing a high volume of calls and due to this we ask if you can please use the extension number of the person you are wanting to speak to when calling our head office.

Once you have dialled our Head Office number (0345 061 9000) the automated system will ask if you know the extension of the person you are wanting to call. At this point if you can use the corresponding extension from the list below this will greatly help us to answer all calls efficiently.

Please note, if you do not use an extension number you may find your call waiting a little longer than usual. We thank you for your cooperation and apologise for any delays.

Internal Extension Numbers
NameExt. Number
Cameron Wright200
Dean Goddard221
Catherine Brown214
Claire Pugh209
Hayley Lawes206
Jade Conlan210
Jade Knopik215
Josie Neep236
Olivia Clay218
Steph Roper222
Debbie Norrie204
Kate Sharpe211
Paul Winnard217
Carla Stevenson208
Faye Roe208
Ken Burnett213