We thought that in this uncertain time it is important to share some of the positive things that our clients are getting up to. We all know that the current situation can be worrying but we also know that our clients will still be able to cheer us up with some photos of what they are getting up to.

We’ll be adding to this page regularly as we receive more photos and stories.

If you have any stories or photos you’d like to share please email them to newsletter@homecaredirect.co.uk or to your care facilitator.

25.03.20 – Jazz has sent us some more photos of how he’s keeping busy. He’s been playing with the dogs and giving cuddles as well as exercising in his home gym.

I feel like he’s keeping a lot more active than me! We certainly feel motivated to get some exercise in while we are at home!


24.03.20 – Jazz has been keeping up spirits and helping his community by doing some baking. Some of the sweet treats made by Jazz will be going to his local food bank to help those in need. Great work Jazz!

24.03.20- Barbara has been painting rainbows to spread some love and positivity to anyone walking past her home and to all of us here at HomeCareDirect. Those lovely, bright colours definitely put a smile on our faces!










24.03.20Stuart has been out for a lovely walk to get some fresh air and exercise. Remember, if you go out for a walk try and keep your distance from other members of the public and wash your hands well when you get home!