It was great to receive a visit to our head office in Derbyshire from Richard Allcroft this month.

Richard has known Roger Adams, Managing Director of HomeCareDirect (pictured here with Gabrielle Clay) for many years and when he popped in for lunch it was great to hear what Richard has been up to.

Richard Allcroft

Richard is a trustee for the National Governing body for wheelchair rugby, Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Limited and was also the Technical Delegate for the London 2012 Paralympic Games through the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation.

Richard first became involved with rugby in 1992 and was instantly drawn into this exciting sport. He played at clubs in Sheffield and Nottingham for 14 years and participated for three years with TeamGB. He was selected for the development squad at the World Championships in 1998 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium winning Gold against Japan, and won Gold at a low-point tournament in Munich against Belgium, which he describes as his best game of rugby, playing on-court for the whole game.

He has spent many years involved with the governing body and prior to suffering a spinal cord injury following a diving accident aged 22; he served as a weapons technician on nuclear submarines in the Royal Navy after qualifying as an electrician, nuclear missile launcher and armourer.

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Richard was selected to take the oath on behalf of all judges and referees at the London 2012 Paralympic Games opening ceremony.

Richard’s role with Rio 2016 Paralympics involves a lot of travel and he works closely with ROCOG (Rio Organising Committee Olympic Games) doing site visits ensuring the plans and arrangements are being made ahead of the Games next year. This role ensures the sport technical rules are adhered too and covers a variety of different areas from training facilities, to broadcasters, lighting, venue setup, etc. Richard has been able to use his experience from London 2012 to help with this exciting and challenging role. This was important for Richard, going into a different culture and environment and utilising these experiences has been of huge importance.

Richard is also involved in teaching with assistive technology at the spinal unit in Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital. This includes working with national spinal injuries charity Aspire on their assisted technology programme which uses products such as voice control, head tracking software and he works with the OTs at the unit 2 afternoons a week.

A big thank you goes to Richard for coming to see us and for updating us on everything he has been up to; it was great to see you.

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