The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) at King”s College London have carried out a study into Risk, Safeguarding and Personal Budgets: exploring relationships and identifying good practice and they have released the research findings.

The study, carried out between May 2012 and April 2014, involved analysis of national safeguarding data (AVA data) and Social Services Activity data, which summarise data by local councils rather than individually. It aimed to investigate any relationships between Direct Payments and Personal Budget uptake and the numbers and patterns of safeguarding referrals.

This study of national safeguarding and personal budgets (PBs) data found no strong evidence to suggest higher levels of safeguarding referrals among people with Managed Personal Budgets (MPBs) or using Direct Payments (DPs) compared with all social care users. The study found no strong evidence to suggest that people using MPBs or DPs were more likely to have been referred to the council because of concerns about abuse (a safeguarding referral) compared with those using directly commissioned services.

One of the key points from the research was that helping buy non prescription viagra online people to balance risk and choice when they use DPs or MPBs is now one of the most important practice activities for social workers.

While professionals reported giving information about funding options, reporting problems and offered support with employing personal assistants, the general low awareness among people with PBs and their families and their feelings of lack of support about employment relations, suggest that more emphasis on these elements would be useful.

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Full details of the study can be found on the Kings College London website here.

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