Personal budgets and personal health budgets are amounts of funding awarded to individuals who need support and their families by their council or the NHS to purchase care and services to meet their care needs.

Twenty-two volunteer councils in England took part in the 2nd National Personal Budget survey. The work was carried out on behalf of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) by the charity In Control, the survey was undertaken using In Control’s Personal Budgets Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET). The tool asks local users and carers about the impact of personal budgets in important areas of their lives and support. It also gives them a chance to express their views about outcomes and process.

The survey of more than 3,300 people who use personal budgets in social care has found positive results when people have taken up personal budgets.  The survey found that:

  • ?Over 70% of people who hold a personal budget reported a positive impact on being independent, getting the support they need and want and being supported with dignity
  • Over 60% reported a positive impact on physical health, mental well-being and control over their support
  • A further 50% reported a positive impact on feeling safe in and outside their home, and in their relationships with paid supporters.

The survey found only small numbers of people reporting any negative impact.

For the first time, the same survey was also run with 195 people who hold personal health budgets and 117 of their carers. This group reported similar positive results as those with social care personal budgets.

Minister for Care Services Norman Lamb, writing in the report’s foreword, said: “The shift to self-direction in adult social care and other areas of public service is perhaps the biggest cultural challenge we have tackled, and we are still in the early stages, working in challenging times. The Government remains committed to supporting TLAP and councils, working with ADASS and the LGA to continue and build on the progress made to date.”

Home Care Direct is one of the UK’s leading personalisation organisations, providing a range of services to those individuals receiving personal budgets, personal health budgets and direct payments.  With over 10 years experience in personalisation we have found that huge numbers of people nationwide have benefited from personal budgets, personal health budgets and direct payments.

At Home Care Direct we’re passionate about personal budgets, personal health budgets and direct payments and the choice and control they provide to people. We recognise that personal budgets, personal health budgets and direct payments give people the chance to choose, employ and organise their own personal assistants – an opportunity to have full choice and control over their care at home.  However, we also recognised that many people who want this choice and control don’t want to be their personal assistants employer – with all the hassle and legal requirements involved. Therefore, by using our services people choose their own personal assistants and we’ll employ them on their behalf – all the benefits without the headaches!

Take a look at some of our success stories here to see how Home Care Direct help hundreds of people improve their lives and live independently through personal budgets, personal health budgets and direct payments.