Service Outline

An all-in-one service to help you make a success of directing your own support at home

  • Do you want greater choice and control over your care at home?
  • Do you want to choose and organise your own personal assistants?
  • Do you want your personal assistants to be a friend, neighbour or relative?
  • Do you want to choose who comes into your home and when?
  • Do you want your personal assistants trained to meet your specific needs?
  • Do you want to choose your own personal assistants without the responsibilities and risks of being their employer?

If you answered yes to any of the above then we can help.

At HomeCareDirect we’re passionate about the personalisation of care, and for over 10 years we’ve been supporting the rights of people to take control over their support at home.

HomeCareDirect is a national company that was established in 2003 because we recognised that people want to take greater control over how they receive their support and like to choose and organise their own personal assistant care team.

Therefore, we’ve designed an all in one service that helps you to do just this.

Free of charge meet and greet visit

The service from HomeCareDirect starts with a free of charge meet and greet visit where we’ll listen to how you want to live your life and how your support can help you to achieve this. We’ll then work with you to create a support plan which will look at how your support can be designed to complement this.

From our work with thousands of individuals and families over the last 10 years who are looking to direct their own support, we know that people want a care team who not only have the right skills but also have the right personality and outlook.

Choose & manage your own personal assistants

The HomeCareDirect service is specifically designed to help you to find and manage your own personal assistant team who will support you to live your life in the way you’ve outlined in your support plan. In our experience this isn’t just care needs but is anything from daily walks, going to see more Hull City football matches or even visiting Daleks at Doctor Who conventions.

Personal assistants can be neighbours, friends, family members (in certain circumstances) or someone found through advertising and interview.

If you don’t already know someone who you’d like to provide your support, we will help you to find your perfect personal assistant team via our specialist recruitment services.

You will then interview the personal assistants yourself (or with our help) to ensure that they are a good fit. Once you have chosen your personal assistants we’ll then help get them trained in your specific needs, so they know exactly how you want your support to be delivered.

Removing barriers to self-directed support

One of the main barriers to self-directed support is that people are daunted by the responsibilities of employing their own personal assistant team. Therefore, we’ll act as a third party and employ your chosen personal assistants on your behalf. You’ll still have all the same choice and control yet you won’t have to take on the responsibility (and sometimes the hassles!) of being an employer.

We’ll ensure your personal assistants are employed in a legal manner, taking on the payroll on your behalf, including all employers national insurance, holiday and bank holiday pay, maternity/paternity and sickness pay. On top of this you and your personal assistant team will be fully covered under our employers and public liability insurance.

If you receive a personal budget, personal health budget or direct payment we’ll set you up a bank account in your name to help manage the funds – providing all the quarterly returns to the council or NHS on your behalf.

As part of the service, you’ll also be allocated a Community Nurse Assessor, a dedicated Care Facilitator and a 24/7 support line to help you make a success out of directing your own support and ensure everything runs smoothly.

By taking all of this responsibility on for you, you will then be free to focus on managing your own support package.

Our service caters for anyone who needs care, including older people, children and young people, people with learning disabilities, complex health needs, people with mental health issues and people with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairments.

For extra peace of mind, our service is also registered with the Care Quality Commission.

For more details of all the services we provide to help you to direct your own support, please browse our website or give us a call – or if you want to talk about our services in person please let us know.