Skills for Care have released an evaluation of Working for personalised care: A framework for supporting personal assistants (PAs) working in adult social care.

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Skills for Care developed the implementation plan for the PA framework and now lead on the delivery of the activities  in this plan. ICF GHK was commissioned in May this year to evaluate the PA framework by describing and assessing the effectiveness of the activities and getting an indication of the impact it has had on the PA workforce and employers.

The evaluation has now been completed and the executive summary and the full report are available to download from the Skill for Care website here.

HomeCareDirect highly value all the hard work our PAs do and think that this important job is sometime undervalued so we’re are pleased to see any and all industry support for PAs so we think this is great.

If you are a PA or are supported by a team of PAs please get in touch with us here, we’d love to hear your opinions and stories.