The care and support needs of people who use social care services can often indicate a heightened risk of poor mental health and well-being. Skills for Care estimate that 4 – 500,000 social care workers have regular contact with people who have a mental health problem. It is important that staff working in social care services know how to support and promote good mental health and overall well-being for everyone who uses those services.

With this in mind, Skills for Care has published Common core principles to support good mental health and well-being in adult social care, based on work by the Mental Health Foundation.

The common core principles and two key areas outlined in the supporting Practice Guide offer a comprehensive framework for the social care workforce to provide consistent high quality social care and support which promotes the mental health and well-being of people who need care and support.

Standard 9 of the new Care Certificate requires awareness of mental health in any health or social care worker role so signs and symptoms are passed on to other workers. Staff should show compassion and understanding when they experience any behaviour that is difficult to understand or respond to.

You can find out more about their work in this area and order free resources on the Skills for Care website here.