Home Care Direct staff watched this video recently on a dementia training event with skills for care.  As soon as you watch it you realise why personal budgets and direct payments work and that we are the right type of provider to support them.

This film focuses on Rose Fernandes who cares for her mother, who has dementia, and her daughter, who is autistic and has learning difficulties. She uses direct payments to pay for people to help with her daughter’s care, but for her mother she relies on agency staff. She finds this method tough as the agency staff only come at certain times, leaving her to care for her mum alone throughout the night. Meanwhile, her daughter Crystal receives much more flexible care, but direct payments leave her with a lot of paperwork to do.  The key message here being that care packages must be flexible and fit the individual needs of the carer and the service user.

Home Care Direct advocates and provides truly personalised support to hundreds of people nationwide and encourages people to have all the choice and control they want over their support at home, including who comes into their home and when.  Home Care Direct highly values the roles of families being the experts in the care of their loved ones and our Support the Family campaign has had many positive results throughout the country.