Social Care TV have released four videos supporting carers, for Carers Week, these films feature a social worker, a commissioner, a carer and a person is who cared for.

Social Care TV: Supporting carers: the social worker

This film focuses on the work of Nicola James, a social worker for Surrey County Council.

Social Care TV: Supporting carers: the commissioner

This film focuses on Tim Anfilogoff, the Commissioner for Adult Services at Hertfordshire County Council.

Social Care TV: Supporting carers: the carer

This film focuses on Rose Fernandes who cares for her mother, who has dementia, and her daughter, who is autistic and has learning difficulties.

Social Care TV: Supporting carers: the cared-for person

This film follows the story of Linda Rounds, who needs constant care after a car accident.

Click the above links to see these great videos supporting carers from various perspectives.

Here at Home Care Direct head office we’re very excited about our events today for Carers Week:

We Care Raffle

All Home Care Direct carers names will be put in a hat and the first 3 names casino drawn out will win our We Care prizes. First prize will be a Red Letter Day and Pamper Hamper, second and third prizes will be Pamper Hampers.  Roger Adams, managing director of Home Care Direct will be doing the draw and then calling the winning carers to tell them the good news. The draw will take place this morning, so good luck everyone!

Your Time with the HomeCareDirect Directors Webinar

We’ll be holding an online webinar for a Q&A session with the Home Care Direct directors, where you can ask questions about Home Care Direct and the care industry in general.  You’ll be able to access this via the internet and log onto the webinar which will be held from 2pm to 3pm this afternoon.  For full details of how to login to the webinar please contact us here.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you all!

Carers Week has been a great national event and all at Home Care Direct would like to wish you all a happy Carers Week and thank you for your on-going hard work and support.