The National Institute for Health Research School for Social Care Research has published the findings of a study by the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York into physically disabled young adults’ experiences of taking greater control and responsibility for their care and support arrangements.

The study found that many of the young adults interviewed expressed a desire to gain more control over their support arrangements. They had clear views about the types of personal assistants/carers they preferred to use, but identified managing them as the most difficult aspect of having a personal budget or direct payment.

Most young adults felt ill-equipped to deal with issues such as poor performance, and establishing employer/employee boundaries. Young adults also found information from statutory services was typically targeted at other audiences, for example older people.

Social workers with more experience of working with young adults identified specific issues that need to be accommodated including: young adults’ relative lack of life skills and experience; young adults’ preferences regarding parental involvement; and addressing parents’ support needs.

The findings of a study can be seen here.

HomeCareDirects third party services can be the solution for anyone who wishes to have the choice and control over their care and support at home but doesn’t want or feel ready for all the responsibility that this can bring. With our services you still choose your own staff team, design the rota and have your care and support in the way that suits you but we’ll take on all the employment responsibilities for your personal assistants/carers.

One of the main barriers to self-directed support is that people are daunted by the responsibilities of employing their own personal assistant team. Therefore, we’ll act as a third party and employ your chosen personal assistants on your behalf. You’ll still have all the same choice and control yet you won’t have to take on the responsibility (and sometimes the hassles!) of being an employer.

We’ll ensure your personal assistants are employed in a legal manner, taking on the payroll on your behalf, including all employers national insurance, holiday and bank holiday pay, maternity/paternity and sickness pay. On top of this you and your personal assistant team will be fully covered under our employers and public liability insurance.

If you receive a personal budget, personal health budget or direct payment we’ll set you up a bank account in your name to help manage the funds – providing all the quarterly returns to the council or NHS on your behalf.

As part of the service, you’ll also be allocated a independent living nurse, a dedicated independent living advisor and a 24/7 support line to help you make a success out of directing your own support and ensure everything runs smoothly.

By taking all of this responsibility on for you, you will then be free to focus on managing your own support package.

Our service caters for anyone who needs care, including older people, children and young people, people with learning disabilities, complex health needs, people with mental health issues and people with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairments.

For extra peace of mind, our service is also registered with the Care Quality Commission.