Gabrielle Clay

Registered Manager

I have over 20 years’ experience working in the care industry, I joined HomeCareDirect when it was first established in 2003 as operations director, in charge of a team of departmental managers and regional area managers. I oversee the day-to-day running of the service, working alongside Roger Adams. I has also been registered manager for many years, ensuring that all aspects of the business comply with the regulations set out by the CQC.

Throughout the time I have worked in the home care industry, I have experienced many changes and am very proud to be part of HomeCareDirect’s unique service, which empowers people to be in control of their lives. I believe it is essential to listen and work with HomeCareDirect clients in order to develop an ‘individual centred service’ that fits the needs and enables greater independence and choice for the individual.

In addition to her career life, Gabrielle is a mother and was a Foster Plus Carer for Derbyshire County Council, supporting and caring for children with behavioural problems for 10 years.

Gabrielle has great understanding and first-hand experience as an unpaid carer for a vulnerable family member. She believes this has given her a greater understanding of a family’s need for their loved ones to be treated with respect and dignity.