Lynn Hatcher

Community Nurse Assessor

Hello my name is Lynn and I am a Community Nurse Assessor for HomeCareDirect. First and foremost I am a qualified RGN nurse with 30 years’ experience 15 years of those working in the community. I have been a Registered Manager for 2 companies but now choose to work direct with people rather than manage business and have worked for the NHS and social services during that time. The thing I like most about my job is being able to provide continuity of care and developing a continued relationship with clients, family and carers to form a circle of trust.

One of my great loves is family and friends and therefore I enjoy being around people, chatting to them and discovering their histories. One of the great privileges of my job is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and being able to assist them to find the solutions to their particular health care needs. I believe each individual is unique and deserves the right to make informed choices in their lives. As a nurse I enjoy assisting individuals, whilst striving to provide them with a high standard of care them and their families and helping to facilitate a friendly, objective and educational environment for all members of the care team in order to allow all to develop to their full potential.

I feel the client is rarely the only person suffering the effects of their illness; there are often relatives, friends, children, colleagues that need to be supported too. We all need to be able to recognize the signs of physical, emotional, spiritual and financial pain in order to help those families and each other through difficult times therefore I firmly believe that HomeCareDirect can be the solution to providing person centred care for everyone.

I look forward to meeting you…