Think Local Act Personal helping to make personal budgets less hassle for all!

Cut the Red TapeFollowing on from the Ministerial Personalisation Summit last week, Think Local Act Personal has today launched online resources showing how 22 councils from across the whole of England are trying to unwind the red tape so people can better access personal budgets to manage their care and support.

The case studies and two summary reports (links below) are a product of the TLAP self-directed support forum, to support other councils to make improvements to how personal budgets are delivered.

Current Government policy says that personal budgets – where people know how much money a council is making available for their care and support and can control how that money is spent – are to become mainstream in social care. They can be taken as a direct cash payment or managed on the individual’s behalf by the council or a third party to the goal is to deliver self-directed support so people can have more choice and control over how they live their life.

Research on the use of personal budgets through the first and second national surveys has shown that personal budgets are making significant improvements to people’s quality of life and feelings of independence, but that there are still concerns about the process of how people access and use this funding. The 2013 survey also show the big unevenness from different areas and local authorities, the clear links between good process and good outcomes and the positive impact of direct payments.

The 26 examples of ‘promising practice’ focus on reducing the processes that have built up around delivering self-directed support and 16 focus on increasing the uptake of direct payments – have been gathered together following a series of workshops held earlier this year, some of which HomeCareDirect are proud to say we attended and contributed to.

TLAP worked with Sitra and Disability Rights UK to find out where councils are taking practical steps to improve people’s experiences of accessing personal budgets and direct payments, including how councils are changing the way they provide information and advice, undertaking self-assessments, providing help with planning support, working in co-production with people who use services, families and carers and getting the right systems in place to make the best use of scarce resources.

HomeCareDirect attended a great TLAP day yesterday at the National Personalisation in Health and Care Conference in Birmingham great to spend time with like minded people and talk about the future of Personalisation and how we can all work together to make this as accessible to everyone as possible.  We’d love to hear your thoughts so please get in touch with us here.