Together Is Better

HomeCareDirect has its own charity – Together is Better!

HomeCareDirect recognises that current funding cuts are a threat to the vital services being provided by charities and voluntary groups nationwide – services that improve people’s health and well-being and help people to live independently at home and as part of their community.

To try and do our bit to help, we established Together is Better in 2013.

Together is Better was created to promote personal budgets in health and social care to help people take control over their support at home whilst helping charities and voluntary groups identify sustainable funding through their members health and social care personal budgets.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal Together is Better is:

  • Launching a series of local Together is Better directories where charities and voluntary groups can freely advertise their services to people on personal budgets.
  • Directing people on personal budgets to the directories so they can find services to improve their health and well-being, that they may wish to pay for from their budget.
  • Creating information leaflets. Helping charities and voluntary groups promote personal budgets to their members, since personal budgets and direct payments are the vehicle for people to take control over their care at home and choose the services they wish to receive.
  • Campaigning for the increase of donations from the private sector to the third sector in order to support charities and voluntary groups in financially difficult times.

To find out more or if you’d like to get involved please visit the Together Is Better website at