Training your Personal Assistants

We feel it’s important to recognise two types of expertise – both lived and learned.


Once you’ve chosen your personal assistant team and decided you’d like us to employ them on your behalf, we’ll work with you to arrange training for them to meet your specific needs.

Your chosen personal assistants could be friends, neighbours, family, or people found through advertising and interview. Whether your chosen personal assistants are qualified care professionals, or have no previous care experience, we’ll arrange ongoing training for them to ensure they have the skills to provide you with the care and support you require.

We recognise that people are the experts in their own situation, and ensure they‘re involved at every step of the training process. Therefore, where possible and desirable, the ongoing training will take place in your home.

We will encourage you to have direct involvement in how your personal assistants are trained and they will only be trained in areas that are specific to your requirements – giving you greater control over the standard and quality of your support whilst keeping the training costs to a minimum.

Our Community Nurses can provide a wide range of training for your personal assistants, from theory based learning through to practical hands on techniques. Our training packages are compatible with national standards, following Skills for Care and Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards.

All new personal assistants receive induction training before they start, and are then presented with an individualised training programme which is designed specifically around what is best for you. All personal assistants will also go through the Care Certificate as well.

Specialist ongoing training

For more specialist training such as ventilator use, tracheostomy care, suctioning, bowel and bladder care, autonomic dysreflexia and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) management we work in partnership with your local NHS and specialist training providers to source you the best quality, gold standard training for your personal assistants so they’re always up to date with the latest techniques.

If we recommend an external training provider, you can rest assured that we have vetted them beforehand to ensure that your personal assistants will be getting high quality training.

Ongoing personal development and Health and Social Care Diplomas

Ongoing, we’re passionate about the personal development of your personal assistants. If desired, we will encourage them to take additional qualifications such as Health and Social Care Diplomas, so it’s not just a job it’s a career.