United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA), the professional association for home care providers welcomes the London School of Economics research published this week and supports the Care and Support Alliance’s call for better funding of social care.

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UKHCA Chief Executive, Bridget Warr has said:

“As the numbers of people needing support to live independently grows, the current pattern of squeezing resources and reducing care will reflect progressively badly on Government policy and will attract more and more criticism.

“Funding good care which helps people stay in their own homes is not only a moral responsibility for any civilised society, but is also cost efficient as it extends people’s well-being, reducing admissions to Accident and Emergency, and helps people return home from hospital quicker. The Care Bill gives a real opportunity to address this before it is too late, but it will take some bravery on the part of politicians to take the tough decisions required to re-direct the necessary resources from other budgets.”

UKHCA has highlighted the risks associated with care commissioned for very short periods at a low fee by local authorities. The result – rushed calls by poorly rewarded home care workers – risks people having inadequate and undignified care for often very sensitive personal needs, and gives the workers little job satisfaction for doing what should be recognised as both skilled and highly important work, upon which some half a million people depend today.

Bridget Warr continued

“It is frustrating that home care, which is poised to be a major part of the solution to the challenges highlighted in this important report, is currently being starved of resources through short sighted policies. UKHCA remains willing to work constructively with anyone genuinely interested in finding a speedy, equitable and sustainable solution.”

Providing home care is a very important job and the majority of carers out there do a brilliant job in increasingly difficult circumstances and that they are often put in these difficult positions and it is not what they envisaged when starting a career in care. This is why we here at HomeCareDirect are proud to work in a truly personalised nature.

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