Winter is here and we’re all thinking about how we can help vulnerable residents to stay warm and well.  Please find below, shared with us by the Integrated Commissioning Team from Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Norfolk County Council.

Warm and Well in Norfolk Logo

Below are details of two ways that we can support people this winter (and throughout the year in the case of Home Shield).

Warm and Well Campaign

The county wide Warm and Well Campaign is led by Norfolk County Council’s Public Health.  This year the campaign includes a free e-learning module aimed at anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable people over the winter.  The module aims to teach staff/volunteers about the dangers of winter, what can be done to help and how to use the Making Every Contact Count tool.  It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

To access the e-learning module please click here

For more information on the wider Warm and Well campaign please see all the great information on their website here.

Home Shield

Home Shield is a cross-agency referral service for professionals who work with vulnerable people and their carers. The scheme aims to find ways to support people and help them to stay safe, healthy and happy in their own homes.  If in the course of a normal working day, a professional comes across someone with needs which their organisation cannot address, they can refer the person to Home Shield.

With the person’s consent, the issues or concerns are recorded on a referral form by the professional which is then sent to Home Shield. Home Shield will then endeavour to refer the person onto an appropriate organisation(s) that may be able to help meet their needs. This leaves the professional free to carry on with their everyday role, saving both time and money.

Home Shield Norfolk is coordinated by Norfolk County Council but provided by a partnership of local of local organisations.

For more information on Home Shield please follow the link here.

Help and advice is available to those who need it through this year’s Warm and Well campaign, which is being led by Norfolk County Council Public Health, we hope you all stay warm and well this winter and if you’d like to share your experiences with HomeCareDirect please get in touch with us here.