Historically dementia care has been delivered with a ‘them and us’ mentality, as professionals and families have co-existed in caring for someone with dementia rather than truly working together.

This can create a competitive atmosphere between professionals and families on who knows best on how someone’s needs are best met.  This can sometimes lead to the person with dementia being left out of discussions around what is best for them, when they should be at the centre. Everyone around them is there to interpret what they want, feel and need based on their own understanding, but someone’s people forget to involve the person themselves in these discussions.

The skills needed to care for someone with dementia are ideally a combination of an educated understanding of dementia alongside a personal understanding of the individual. It is very rare that one person alone will have all of this knowledge, but when social care professionals form a partnership with families, this care at home can move towards being truly personalised and compassionate.

Families offer a link to their relative’s past, before they had dementia, and this knowledge is greatly important in shaping the way their care should be planned and provided. Knowing someone’s history, likes and dislikes will always be a benefit to ensuring that their care is delivered in a way that is right for them and Home Care Direct ensure that all our packages are based fully around the individual and how they would like their care to be, placing them at the centre of all conversations and plans.

Home Care Direct advocate that when families and professionals work together it often creates a unique and individual model of care. Relatives can also benefit from the support and knowledge that professionals caring for their loved one can provide in challenging times.  Any divide between professionals and families works against the best interests of the person  living with dementia will only effect them negatively, working together and appreciating each others expertise is the best approach to tackle this issue. And best of all working together costs nothing except time, patience and open-mindedness.

Home Care Direct always value the opinion of the families involved in the care for people we work with, hear from some of these families here.