In preparation for October 2014 when people with a continuing health care need will have the legal right to apply for a personal health budget, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) commissioned the guide Personal Health Budgets – Including People with Learning Disabilities. A webinar will take place on 25th June to introduce the guide to people responsible for implementing, or supporting implementation of Personal Health Budgets to people with learning disabilities.

TLAP NDTi Personal Health Budgets

From October 2014 people eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) will have the ‘right to have’ a Personal Health Budget. Many people with learning disabilities belong in this category and research suggests that self-directed support has a positive impact on meeting their social care needs.

TLAP and National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) are offering a free webinar for people responsible for implementing, or supporting the implementation of NHS CHC and Personal Health Budgets for people with learning disabilities. To find out more information and to book a place on the webinar you can visit the NDTi site here.

The free webinar, run by TLAP and NDTi is intended to support staff in preparation for this change. There will be online presentations and opportunities to join a discussion on how the guide can benefit staff in their work.

You can view the guide on the NDTi website here and if look at marker 13 on page 33 where one of the people HomeCareDirect work with, Theresa has been used as an example of good practice for third party approaches to personal health budgets. We’re referenced at the bottom of the page, its great to see our success stories shared in this way.

We’ll be taking part in the webinar and if you’d like to find out more about Theresa’s story and HomeCareDirect services please contact us here.