From April many households across the country will see changes to the level of their benefits.  Make sure you are aware of the changes and how they may affect you.  The best way to do this is to check with your local council or the DWP, but here at HomeCareDirect we are doing a series of blogs which give you an idea of some of the big changes that may affect you.

Today’s blog focuses on Council Tax Benefit.

From 1st April Council Tax Benefit will be replaces by Local Council Tax Support Scheme, giving greater control of the benefits system to individual councils, this means they will be able to decide the rules for the areas they cover rather than this being done by central government.

Taxpayers will be able to choose to spread their payments over 12 months rather than 10, this means they can now request to pay their bills over a longer period of time, lowering the monthly bills and so easing the financial burden.

If you are in receipt of Council Tax Benefit you entitlement shouldn’t change however on your bill it may now appear as a ‘discount’ rather than Council Tax Benefit.

If you believe you could be affected by any of these changes the best this to do is to check with your local council to see how your personal circumstances and allowances may be affected, but here at HomeCareDirect we’re happy to help point you in the right direction if you wish to contact us here.