From April many households across the country will see changes to the level of their benefits.  Make sure you are aware of the changes and how they may affect you.  The best way to do this is to check with your local council or the DWP, but here at HomeCareDirect we are doing a series of blogs which give you an idea of some of the big changes that may affect you.

The government’s welfare reform plan will see some key changes nationally from April.  The main areas these cover are Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit, Occupancy Levels and Universal Credit.

The councils should make sure that people are ready for the welfare reform changes and the effects they may have on their benefits.

If you believe you could be affected by any of the upcoming changes please contact your local council to talk to them about this.

Over the next few days we will post blogs that cover the main areas of the welfare reform that may effect you, as always HomeCareDirect is here to help if you have any questions please contact us here.