By selling ‘mental patient’ and ‘psycho ward’ Halloween costumes supermarket giants Asda and Tesco’s are continuing the myths and stigmas about mental health!

'Mental Patient' OutfitAs professional who have worked with people with mental health issues for over a decade and as enlightened people HomeCareDirect was shocked to see Asda, Amazon and Tesco’s selling this tasteless and offensive outfits on their websites.

After the backlash that was caused by this on Twitter the stores have apologised, removed the items and offered to make donations to mental health charities.

However the story was trending most of the day on Twitter #MentalPatient and HomeCareDirect was  following the story closely, and agreed with the outcry and upset at these thoughtless and stigma affirming representations of mental health.  This is such an outdated view of mental health, as we know most people with mental health issues (and let’s remember that that is 1 in 4 of us at one point or another) or on a psychiatric ward look just the same as anyone else, dressed in everyday clothes – due to being the same as everyone else!  These outfits are highly offensive to anyone living with a mental health condition or us working hard to break down the preconceptions and stigmas surrounding mental health from within the home care sector.

However as the day progressed it was moving to see that many people were challenging negative mental health stereotypes and putting pictures of themselves in their everyday clothes saying that was their mental patient costumes – HomeCareDirects was shared by @TimetoChange  and this was the silver lining to the day and events that people were helping raise awareness of the true face of mental health. What do you think of our mental patient costumes?  We are proudly wearing the Carers Week Design a T-Shirt Competition T-Shirts that people we work with designed and we had made up by St Wilfrids Centre in Sheffield and sent to them.


Carers Week T-Shirts modelled by head office staff

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this story that made the headlines and how it made you feel or your experiences of mental health perceptions and stigmas – good and bad.  So please get in touch with us here or @homecaredirect.