Skills for Care and Development (SfC&D) is the Sector Skills Council for adult social care, children and young people’s services, early years and social work.  SfC&D recognise the challenge that employers face in seeking to draw some 90,000 new workers into the sector each year.  As a result they have initiated a project to develop a freely available, online questionnaire to present a real picture of work in the sector.

The questionnaire will enable potential personal assistants to test their own values, attitudes and behaviours against the characteristics used by employers, such as HomeCareDirect and those using services.
The questionnaire will be based around realistic situations that workers in the care sector may experience in their roles.  It will provide an insight into the work involved, and a reliable assessment of suitability to give potential personal assistants to see if this might be right for them.
This project is being undertaken by SfC&D in partnership with a&dc, a human resources consultancy that works with organisations to help them select, develop and retain the right people.
In order to develop the questionnaire, SfC&D need to establish the kind of activities people undertake when working across roles within the sector.  They are therefore undertaking a survey to gather this information.
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Any responses are confidential and will be combined with the responses of others completing the survey.

Feedback from people who work in the front line for the care sector is always of the highest value and SfC&D need to know about you and your work!

To take part in the survey, follow the link .  The survey will run until close of play on Friday 14th December.

Thank you for your interest and participation.